Introduction to SKLNM
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The State Key Laboratory of Natural Medicines (SKLNM), affiliated to China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) of China in 2011. The SKLNM initiated its construction based on the MOE Key Laboratory of Modern Chinese Medicines. It consists of multiple fundamental disciplines such as Pharmaceutical Science, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. In December 2013, SKLNM successfully passed the authentication and became one of the six state key laboratories focused on pharmaceutical research.



Currently, SKLNM has 71 staff members, including 51 full professors and 10 associated professors. On the basis of long-term interdisciplinary and cooperative research, there arose an army of innovative scientists working in the frontier fields of pharmaceutical research with a reasonable age and professional structure. The faculty members of SKLNM also formed 1 Innovation Teams of  National Natural Science Foundation, 1 Innovation Teams of Ministry of Education, and 5 Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams of Jiangsu Province. Among the group of high-quality talents, there are 1 academician of China Engineering Academy, 1 academician of German Academy of Sciences, 4 Cheung Kong Scholars Distinguished Professors and one Chair Professor appointed by the Ministry of Education, 4 winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 winners of National Excellent Youth Fund. The academic committee of SKLNM consists of 13 scholars and experts. Academician Zhang Bo-Li is the Chairman of academic committee and Professor Li Ping is the director of SKLNM.



To meet the significant demands for treating major diseases in our country, based on the rich resource of natural medicines, SKLNM carried out multi-disciplinary innovative research surrounding (1) the discovery of multi-target natural active substances; (2) the biological function of natural active substances; (3) the drug-like properties and pharmaceutical preparation of natural active substances. In recent years, SKLNM has undertaken 7 Major Program, 2 Projects of International Cooperation and Exchanges and numerous other projects by National Natural Science Foundation of China. The lab members have been awarded the 2nd prize of National Science and Technology Progress twice, the 1st Prize of Ministry of Education Natural Science twice, and 1st Prize of Jiangsu Province of Science and Technology Progress once.



Besides fundamental research, while facing major national strategic needs, SKLNM further strengthen the innovative drug research capacity. The laboratory has established Comprehensive Platforms for National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for “Significant New Drugs Development” and key techniques for “National Major New Drug Creation Program”, SKLNM also undertook preclinical research on more than 30 candidate drugs from natural products, developed a series of innovation drugs, such as Ginkgo diterpene lactones glucosamine injection, Acehytisine Hydrochloride, Xuduanzhuanggu capsule etc, making an active contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry in China.